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What is a proper skincare routine?

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

The typical questions that people ask: How often should I take care of my skin? What should I do and in which order I should apply certain skincare. There are many different types of skincare products on the market and it can get extremely overwhelming. Here are the ideal scenarios for morning and evening skincare regimens. Remember, doing what you can for your skin is always better than doing nothing.

Ideally we should take care of our skin twice a day: morning and evening... .....

MORNING: Step 1: CLEANSE. Choose a cleanser/soap/face wash suitable for your skin type. Cleansing will remove dirt and pollution from the skin’s surface and prepare it for the next step. Place a small amount of the cleansing product into your hands and emulsify with warm water. Apply to your face in circular motion for about 30 seconds. Rinse thoroughly and and pat dry.

Step 2: TONE. Apply a toner suited for your skin type over the entire face and neck, leave on. Toners are either alcohol based (for oily, acne-prone skin) or non alcohol based (normal, dry skin). Don’t skip the toner, they help to restore natural pH balance of the skin and infuse skin with minerals and vitamins.

Step 3: TREAT. This is the step where you get to use your favorite serums, treatments, oils etc. according to your skin needs and conditions (such as acne, rosacea, aging, hyperpigmentation etc.). You are not restricted to only one treatment, you can apply combination of treatments to treat different skin concerns.

Step 4: MOISTURIZE. Apply a moisturizer suited for your skin type. All skin types need a daily moisturizer to keep skin healthy, hydrated and soft.

Step 5: PROTECT. Apply sunscreen to protect your skin from sun exposure. ......

EVENING: Step 1: DOUBLE CLEANSING. Wipe your face with makeup remover or micellar water. It helps to dissolve makeup and dirt on the surface of your skin. Skin accumulates dirt during the day, so using make-up remover is recommend even if you don’t wear makeup. Use a face wash next, to remove all the excess sebum, dirt and makeup. Step 2: TONE. Step 3: TREAT. Step 4: MOISTURIZE / NIGHT CREAM / EYE CREAM. .....

ONCE or TWICE a week: Step 1: CLEANSE or DOUBLE CLEANSE. Step 2: EXFOLIATE. It’s very important to exfoliate your skin once or twice a week to remove dead skin cells. It also improves absorption of the products that you are going to apply next. Step 3: TONE. Step 4: MASK. Find a mask suited for your skin type or the condition you would like to treat. Apply a mask according to the instructions on the package, generally for 20-25 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and and pat dry. Step 5: TONE again. Step 6: TREAT. Step 7: MOISTURIZE. Step 8: PROTECT if required. ..... Keep your skin healthy by following daily skincare routine. It does make a difference. .....

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