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Gold in Skin Care

Using skincare products that contain gold sounds very luxurious and has became a very popular skin treatment. Japanese, Romans and Egyptians were using gold since early times. You can find masks, cleansers, eye patches and creams that contain 24-carat gold. But what does it really do for your skin?

According to dermatologists Gold hasn’t been studied enough to form concrete conclusions about its benefits for skin but it doesn’t mean gold-infused skin care shouldn’t been used. It is considered to be a safe anti-aging ingredient that has shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, help brighten the skin, and reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. ..... Let’s take a look at the benefits of gold-infused skincare: - Help to increase elasticity of the skin, reduce appearance fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes - Help to calm skin inflammation, reduce redness - Protect against free radical damage - Help to brighten and give your skin glowy effect because of the metal’s reflective particles - Increase blood circulation and stimulate skin cells ..... Although using gold for your skin sounds very tempting, you shouldn’t replace other, more potent antioxidants with it.

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